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The IOW pump CTD extends the classic Seabird standard CTD concept by allowing continuous, high-resolution water sampling over the entire water column.

Along with double sensors for the classical C, T, D and Oxygen, as well as single sensor based turbidity, chlorophyll A and PAR measurements, it enhances the usual water sampling with numbered free flow water samplers by pumping a constant flow of sample water into the laboratory aboard the research vessel.

At the heart of the system is a positive displacement vane pump and power supply, a winch with special fluid enabled slip ring holding a purpose build cable consisting of high pressure tubing, wire for power and telemetry and Kevlar reinforcement as well as plumbing for relaying the water to the labs.

With a maximum cable length of 600m and a winch speed ranging 0.01 – 0.5 m/s, the pump CTD supplies up to 5 l/min for high resolution sampling, equilibration or other activities.