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Alexander Darr - Vorträge und Poster


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11. Darr A (2014): Kumulative Effekte der Belastungen und Nutzungen in der Ostsee. Vortrag im Rahmen des Dialogforums "Ziel 2020 – Gesunde biologische Vielfalt in der Ostsee" veranstaltet vom BUND, Berlin 12.03.2014.

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2. Darr A (2007): Benthic communities and habitats as protection objects in EIA for offshore windfarms. Meeting "EIA for off-shore wind parks - potentials for conflicts with Natura 2000 designation" in the framework of the LIFE Nature project “Marine Protected Areas in the Eastern Baltic Sea”, LIFE 05 NAT/LV/000100, Riga 19.-20.06.2007.

1. Meißner K, Darr A (2007): Predicted distribution of Magelona spp. in the German Bight (North Sea) – a modelling approach. Presented at the 9th International Polychaete Conference, Portland/Maine USA, 12.-18.08.2007