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GEIST, S.J., KUNZMANN, A., VERHEYE, H.M., EGGERT, A., SCHUKAT, A. & EKAU, W. Distribution, feeding behaviour and condition of Cape horse mackerel early life stages, Trachurus capensis, under different envioronmental conditions in the northern Benguela upwelling ecosystem off Namibia. Submitted to ICES Journal of Marine Science.

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WOELFEL, J., KARSTEN, U. & EGGERT, A. Only marginal impacts of global warming on Arctic microphytobenthos primary production in Kongsfjorden (Svalbard, Norway) can be expected - in situ measurements and modelled estimates. Submitted to Marine Ecology Progress Series.


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EGGERT, A. & WIENCKE, C. (2000): Adaptation and acclimation of growth and photosynthesis of five Antarctic red algae to low temperatures. Polar Biology 23: 609-618.

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