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Anne Herbst - Publications


Herbst, A., Patzelt, L., Schoebe, S., Schubert, H., von Tümpling, W. 2019. Bioremediation approach using charophytes  ̶  preliminary laboratory and field studies of mine drainage water from the Mansfeld Region, Germany. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26(34): 34983–34992.


Kohlberg, G., Herbst, A., Niedzwiedz, G., Woelfl, S., Nimptsch, J., Schories, D., 2019. Time lapse photography with two different camera systems for in situ observation of the bivalve Diplodon chilensis (Gray, 1828) in a Southern Chilean lake, Gayana 83(1): 21-32.


Herbst, A., Schubert, H., 2018. Age and site-specific pattern on encrustation of charophytes, Botanical Studies 59:31.


Herbst, A., von Tümpling, W., Schubert, H., 2018. The seasonal effects on the encrustation of charophytes in two hard-water lakes, Journal of Phycology 54: 630-637.


Herbst, A., Henningsen, L., Schubert, H., Blindow, I., 2018. Encrustations and element composition of charophytes from fresh or brackish water sites – habitat- or species-specific differences?, Aquatic Botany 148: 29-34.