Feistel et al. - State and Evolution of the Baltic Sea, 1952 - 2005


1. Introduction

2. General oceanography of the Baltic Sea

3. The history of long-term observations in Warnemünde

4. Weather of the Baltic Sea

5. Baltic climate change

6. Current Observations in the western Baltic Sea

7. Sea state and tides

8. Ice

9. Satellite-derived Sea Surface Temperature for the period 1990 - 2005

10. The inflow of highly saline water into the Baltic Sea

11. BALTIC: Monthly time series 1900 - 2005

12. Nutrient concentrations, trends and their relation to eutrophication

13. Trace metals in Baltic Seawater

14. Sedimentary records of environmental changes and anthropogenic impacts during the past decades

15. Phytoplankton

16. Macrophytobenthos

17. Zoobenthos

18. Fish stock development under hydrographic and hydrochemical aspects, the history of
     Baltic Sea fisheries and its management

19. Description of the Baltic Sea with numerical models

20. Digital supplement

21. Summary and outlook