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Video of the tracer evolution

Model result of the tracer concentration for the first three months after the release.


Eastern Gotland Basin (left) with tracer and CTD profiles (right)

In collaboration with the tracer research group of Jim Ledwell (WHOI), a new type of tracer, SF5CF3, was injected in September 2007 into the deep waters of the Eastern Gotland Basin with the help of the new Oceanic Tracer Injection System (OTIS) built for this project. The figure to the right shows the study area, the vertical distribution of the tracer (markers in highlighted area), and some hydrographic parameters as measured approximately two weeks after the injection. For a list of publications and more detailed description of the project refer also to

In addition to the field program a numerical study of the tracer experiment was conducted using the General Estuarine Transport Model (GETM). This study aimed to fill the gaps between the measurement campaigns, especially during the first months after the tracer release, since this period was undersampled in time. The model was used to perform an ensemble tracer release showing the importance of the injection location for the tracer evolution.