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Bodo von Bodungen - CV

1962 - 1964
Study of law at Universities of Freiburg and Berlin.

1964 - 1970
Study of biology and law at the University of Kiel.

1970 - 1975
PhD-student in the special research programme (Sonderforschungsbereich 95): "Interaction Sea-Sea Bottom" with emphasis on phytoplankton production, nutrient cycles and enclosure experiments; extensive diving operations for various biological, chemical and geological aspects; participation in enclosure work of the Aberdeen team in Scotland (1974); participation in research cruises to the Norwegian Trench (1969) and to the Canary upwelling system (1976).

PhD in biological oceanography in Kiel (advisor Prof. Dr. Johannes Krey).

1975 - 1977
Research assistent in Sonderforschungsbereich 95; research fields: pelagic system structure in Kiel Bight and a subtropical lagoon (Bermuda 1977); participation in cruises to the Baltic Sea Proper (1975, 1977) on pelagic production and vertical matter export, involvment in teaching field courses and methods in biological oceanography and field advisor for Masters and PhD-students under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Zeitzschel.

1977 - 1980
Projectleader of the Bermuda Inshore Waters Investigation at the Bermuda Biological Station; a baseline study of ecosystem quality as apparent in the late seventies comprising phytoplankton species composition and production, nutrient release from the bottom and uptake by calcareous rocks, ecology and matter cycling in proliferating algal mats, distribution of sediment composition and phyto- and zoobenthos, studies of economical and ecological important species, impact of sewer outlets and desalination plants, coastal engenering and ship traffic in general and their impact on corals, coral recovery after ship accidents; involvement in summer courses on marine ecology and methods, external advisorship for PhD-students from US and Canadian Universities, training of Bermudian students in environmental affairs.

1980 - 1983
Research assistent in Sonderforschungsbereich 95, comparative studies of bio-geo-chemical matter cyling in Kiel Bight and tropical waters (Philippines 1981); research cruises to the Antarctic (1980) and Baltic Sea (1982); lecturing at Kiel University in biological oceanography.

1983 -1989
Assistent professor at the Institut für Meereskunde at the University Kiel, teaching activities comprised courses on methods and ecosystem approaches, training at sea, lectures about phytoplankton physiology, ecology and eutrophication.

1983 - 1986
Research in Antarctic waters, 4 cruises to the Antarctic Peninsular Area and the Eastern Weddell Sea, studies on phytoplankton growth and sinking, impact of krill grazing and sediment trap work.

1986 - 1992
Project leader of a subproject in the Sonderforschungsbereich 313 (Sedimentation in the Northern European Seas), 11 cruises to the Norwegian Sea, Greenland Sea and Barents Sea, research focus on phytoplankton growth, seasonal migration of zooplankton, vertical flux of organic matter, stable isotope tracers as proxy for production, close cooperation with paleo-oceanographers, studies on the fate of land derived organic matter in tropical lagoons in Brasil in cooperation with the University of Fluminense (1987 -1991); jointed German - Canadian project on an Iceland-station on particles flux in the permanently ice-covered Arctic Ocean (1986-1989); participation in planning groups and conduction of field work in the Joint Global Ocean Flux Studies (JGOFS, 1986 -1996), focus on dissolved organic matter; member of the planning group, steering committee and sub project leader in Ocean Margin Experiment (OMEX, 1989 -1993).

Habilitation in biological oceanography (advisor Prof. Dr. B. Zeitzschel).

Advisor for the build-up of the Department of Biological Oceanography at the Institut für Ostseeforschung, Warnemünde (IOW) at the University Rostock ( the former Institut für Meereskunde, Warnemünde).

Since 1993
Full professorship for biological oceanography at the University of Rostock and head of Department of Biological Oceanography at IOW; research foci on coastal oceans, eutrophication, nitrogen cycle in the vincinity of anoxic waters, ecosystem analysis, fate of river loads, land ocean interaction, coastal zone management, Baltic Sea Monitoring Programme; organisation of workshop series on new research approaches in the Baltic Sea, international research cooperation particularly with the mid and eastern European countries, relations of Baltic Sea research to other coastal oceans and oceanic environments;coordinator of BASYS ( Baltic Sea System Study) in the frame work of MAST III; member of the commission for oceanography of German Science Foundation; teaching: courses, introduction to biological oceanography, ecology of coastal oceans, phytoplankton, methods, eutrophication.

Since 1997
Director of the Institut für Ostseeforschung, Warnemünde.