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The backbone of research

Cross-cutting activities at the IOW

Observations and measurements in the sea directly together with computer modelling form the methodological backbone of the IOW and it runs through all areas of research. Like the human spine, it provides vital support while at the same time serving as an essential channel of information. Only through constant technological advancements can scientists at the IOW ask the increasingly complex research questions on the current state and the future of the Baltic Sea. Meeting these needs is the responsibility of two "cross-sectional groups" made up of scientists, engineers and technicians from all sections of the institute.

In the cross-cutting issue "Innovative Measurement Technology" technologies are adapted to the needs of science, by improving them or even developing entirely new ones. To this end, scientists at the IOW work hand in hand with partners from other institutions, universities and industry. Distinctive "home-grown" technological inventions that reach patent maturity become available for a broad, worldwide spectrum of customers.

The cross-sectional group "Modelling" is dedicated to the development of computer models. At the IOW, researchers from the various fields of interest contribute pieces of the puzzle that in the end will form a complete and scientific image of the Baltic Sea. However, for the institute's modellers to obtain a virtual simulation of the sea requires close cooperation among all relevant areas to ensure that no piece of information is missing. With the computer models, scientists at the IOW can test hypotheses, make predictions, for example, about the reaction of the Baltic Sea to climate change, or examine the effectiveness of environmental protection measures prior to their implementation.