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David Kaiser - Vorträge und Poster



Kaiser D, Kowalski N, Waniek JJ. Proving A Paradigm: Biofouling Enhances Microplastic Deposition. ASLO 2017 - Mountains to the Sea, 26. Februar – 03. März, Honolulu, USA. Vortrag


Kaiser D, Unger D, Waniek JJ, Schulz-Bull DE. Sediment Organic Pollution in the Beibu Gulf, South China Sea – Baseline and History. Sino-German Workshop, 30. August – 02. September, Hamburg. Vortrag


Kaiser D, Waniek JJ, Schulz-Bull DE. Sources, distribution and toxicity of organic pollutants in coastal and shelf sediments of developing southwest China. ECSA 55 conference, 6.-9. September, London, UK. Vortrag

Kaiser D, Herbeck LS. Different effects of pond aquaculture on nitrogen dynamics in two Chinese estuaries. ECSA 55 conference, 6.-9. September, London, UK. Poster Präsentation


Kaiser D, Herbeck LS. Effects of aquaculture effluents on nitrogen characteristics in two Chinese estuaries. LOICZ Estuaries Workshop, 4.-5. September, Hamburg, Deutschland. Poster Präsentation

Kaiser D, Unger D, Zhou H, Waniek JJ, Kowalski N. The Estuarine Filter Under Human Influence - the case of the Nanliu Estuary in southern China. 2014 Ocean Science Meeting (AGU, ALSO, TOS), 23.-28. Februar, Honolulu, USA. Poster Präsentation


Kaiser D, Unger D. Dispersal of anthropogenic nitrogen along the coast of Beibu Gulf, southern China, as traced by δ15N. ECSA 53 conference, 13.-17. Oktober 2013, Shanghai, China. Poster Präsentation.


Kaiser D, Unger D. Nutrient and Oxygen Fluxes across the Sediment-water-interface in Mangroves of a Eutrophicated Estuary in South China. ECSA 50 conference, 3.-7. Juni 2012, Venedig, Italien. Vortrag.

Unger D, Kaiser D, Liu SM, Herbeck LS, Jennerjahn TC & Zhou H. Impact of Anthropogenic Activities on Nitrogen Transformation and Export in Two Contrasting River-Estuarine Systems in the Guangxi and Hainan Provinces, South China. ECSA 50 conference, 3-7 Juni 2012, Venedig, Italien. Poster Präsentation.

Kaiser D, Tinghe L, Binyuan H, Bing Y, Peijian D, Unger D. Land-sea fluxes of nutrients and organic matter from a small catchment under multiple human pressures: the Nan Liu River, Guangxi, South China. GV and SEDIMENT conference, 25. September 2012, Hamburg, Deutschland, Vortrag.