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Peer reviewed publications

Twomey M, Brodte, E., Jacob, U., Brose, U., Crowe, T. P, Emmerson, M. C. (2012) Idiosyncratic species effects confound size-based predictions of responses to climate change, Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci., 367(1605):2971-8.

Brodte, E., Graeve, M., Jacob, U., Knust, R., Pörtner, H.-O. (2007) Temperature dependent lipid levels and components in polar and temperate eelpout (Zoarcidae), Fish physiology and biochemistry DOI: 10.1007/s10695-007-9185-y

Brodte, E. (2006) Influence of temperature on energy budgets in Antarctic and boreal fish, Dissertation University Bremen, University Bremen

Brodte, E., Knust, R., Pörtner, H.-O., Arntz, W. E. (2006) Biology of the Antarctic eelpout Pachycara brachycephalum, Deep-sea research. DOI:

Brodte, E., Knust, R., Pörtner, H.-O. (2006) Temperature dependent energy allocation to growth in Antarctic and boreal eelpout (Zoarcidae), Polar Biology. DOI: