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Falk Pollehne - CV

University Education 

1971‑1975: Undergraduate studies in Biology at Christian- Albrechts‑Univer­sity, Kiel, Germany

 1975-1977: Graduate studies in zoology, botany and fisheries biology, Department of Zoology, Kiel University, Kiel, Germany.

1977:  MSc degree in Biology, Kiel University, Germany. 

1977–1980: Doctorate studies in Biological Oceanography, Zoology and Physical Oceanography at the Institute of Marine Science (IFM), Kiel, Germany. 

1981: Ph.D. degree in Natural Sciences, field of specialization Biological Oceanography, Kiel University, Germany.

 Professional History and Activities 

1978‑1981: Scientific employee of the Special Research Project 95 from the German Science Foundation (DFG) at Kiel University   -   Research in the field of sedimentation, sediment‑water –interaction and early diagenetic processes 

1981‑1983: Visiting Scientist at the Department of Marine Chemistry at  the Institute of Ocean Sciences, Sidney, Canada  -  Research in the field of sediment chemistry and sediment-water exchange processes. 

1983‑1985: Scientific employee at the Department of Benthic Ecology at the Institute of Marine Science, Kiel  - Research in the field of microbial degradation processes in sediments and element‑cycling in shallow water systems.

 1986‑1992: Scientific employee of Department of Marine Planktology at the Institute of Marine Science, Kiel  -Research in different projects dealing with pelagic and benthic element cycling in oceanic and coastal environments.

 1991: Visiting  scientist at Universidade do Algarve, Faro, Portugal  - Research on biogeochemistry of coastal lagoons. 

1992- today: Tenured scientific employee at the Department of Biological Oceanography at the Baltic Sea Research Institute (IOW) in Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany - Research in marine particle dynamics and biogeochemistry of coastal seas, research and coordination of different projects on marine biogeochemistry in the Baltic Sea, North Sea, the African Upwelling,  the Black Sea, Bermuda, Philippines and the Southeast and East Brazil Shelf.

 Participation in international research programs: IGBP, LOICZ and JGOFS. Current financing from 03 national projects.

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