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Falk Pollehne - Projects

SOPRAN Surface Ocean Processes in the Anthropocene, Teilprojekt 2.3

 BEOFINO 1 und  BEOFINO 2 Ecological research for wind energy use in offshore areas on research platforms in North- and Baltic Sea

IOW-Redox Pelagic redox-gradients as drivers for chemolithotrophic particle formation - Importance of manganese for microbial turnover and changes in organic and inorganic phosphorus pools

ELME European Lifestyles and Marine Ecosystems - Modeling the likely impacts of major economic, social and institutional changes within Europe on marine ecosystems

BMP-Sedimentation Sedimentation patterns of unicellular algae in the central Baltic Sea

OxDYN- Dynamics of oxygen depletion - IOW's project group

IOW-Fotogallery  Gallery of unicellular Baltic Algae

Working Group