Dataset MONI ZOOP Meta

1.) General description of the data set:

Data sets of zooplankton biomass of the Baltic Proper from Latvian monitoring. Sampling with Juday net, opening diameter 0.36 m, mesh size 0.16mm. Biomass computation after Hernroth (1985).

2.) Created:


3.) Last update:


4.) Keywords:

Baltic Sea, Monitoring, Zooplankton

5.) Area:

Baltic Proper

6.) Spatial extension:

Latitude: 57 - 59 N
Longitude:18 - 22 E
Depth: shallow stations: 40-65 m, deep stations: 90-235 m.

7.) Spatial resolution:

Nine Stations
Vertical: 0-25 m, 25-50 m, 50-100 m.

8.) Time window:

1. 1. 1960 - 31. 12. 1997

9.) Temporal resolution:

May, August, October

10.) Data:

Biomass of Acartia spp., Bosmina longispina, Centropages hamatus, Evadne nordmanni, Pseudocalanus elongatus, Podon spp., Synchaeta spp., Temora longicornis, total biomass of Copepoda, total biomass of Cladocera.

11.) Reference to other data sets:


12.) Data quality (degree of validation):

validated by HELCOM

13.) Where to find the data?

Data centre of LATFRI, HELCOM, and IOW

14.) Contact person:

PD Dr. Georgs Kornilovs
Latvian Fisheries Research Institute Riga
6 Daugagrivas Street
LV-1007 Riga