Meta-data-set: Groundwater sampling Hel Peninsula/ Poland from 05.05 - 08.05.2010


1.) General description of the data set:

Major elements, trace metals, radium and nutrient data of sea water, pore water and groundwater seepage and sediments (one site influenced by groundwater, one less influenced) at Hel peninsula (Puck Bay/Poland). Additionally seepage rates were measured by seepage meters. Pore water samples obtained with groundwater lances on groundwater impacted, less impacted and not impacted sites. One well water sample was taken for isotopic and geochemical analyses (δ18O-H2O, δD-H2O, δ13C-DIC). 


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4.) Keywords:

Groundwater discharge, pore water, major and trace elements, nutrients, radium, methane, O- and H-isotopes, seepage rates, Puck Bay


5.) Area:

SE Baltic Sea, Puck Bay


6.) Spatial extension:

Transects for groundwater sampling and measurement of seepage rates of about 30 m length along the beach of Hel peninsula, water depth about 1.5 m; three locations sampled with groundwater lances


7.) Spatial resolution:


- pore waters from 0-40 cm sediment depth (groundwater lances)

- transect for geochemical data from 0-32 cm depth

- well in 2 m depth



8.) Time window:

05.05.2010 - 08.05.2010


9.) Temporal resolution:

Selective sampling


10.) Data and arrays:

About 20 parameters


11.) Reference to other data sets:


12.) Data quality (degree of validation):

Geochemical and isotope analyses


13.) Where to find the data?

Data available from contact persons


14.) Contact person:

Prof.Dr. Michael E. Bšttcher and Dr. Olaf Dellwig

Seestrasse 15
D-18119 Rostock