Meta-data-set: AMBER SP B4-B6

1.) General description of the data set:

Major element, trace metal, and nutrient data of pore water and groundwater seepage at Hel peninsula (Gdansk Bay). First sampling campaign from 24.03.2009-26.03.2009

2.) Created:

14. May 2009

3.) Last update:

4.) Keywords:

Groundwater discharge, pore water, major and trace elements, nutrients, Gdansk Bay

5.) Area:

SE Baltic Sea, Gdansk Bay

6.) Spatial extension:

Transect of about 100 m length at the beach of Hel peninsula, water depth about 1 m

7.) Spatial resolution:

Pore waters from 0-20 cm sediment depth

8.) Time window:


9.) Temporal resolution:

Selective sampling

10.) Data and arrays:

About 20 parameters

11.) Reference to other data sets:


12.) Data quality (degree of validation):

Geochemical analyses

13.) Where to find the data?

Data available from contact person

14.) Contact person:

Dr. Olaf Dellwig
Seestrasse 15
D-18119 Rostock