MONITORING DATA: Meta-data-set Nemunas river basin


1.) General description of the data set:

Data sets of waste water treatment plants of the Nemunas River basin.

2.) Created:


3.) Last update:

09 .12.10

4.) Keywords:

Nemunas river basin, monitoring, waste water treatment plants, points of discharge

5.) Area:

Nemunas river basin (Lithuanian part)

6.) Spatial extension:

Latitude: 54 - 56 N; Longitude: 21 - 26 E;

7.) Spatial resolution:

Horizontal undefined

8.) Time window:


9.) Temporal resolution:


10.) Data:

Data sets of location (coordinates) points of discharge, number of connected inhabitants to sewer systems and to waste water treatment plants, annual amount of municipal sewage treated in waste water treatment plants and annual loads of nitrogen and phosphorus of the Nemunas River basin

11.) Reference to other data sets:


12.) Data quality (degree of validation):

no validation

13.) Where to find the data?

Coastal research and planning institute

14.) Contact person:

Evelina Grinienė
Coastal research and planning institute, Klaipėda University
H. Manto 84,