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Karoline Hammer - Talks and Posters

“Establishment and test of a spektrophotometric pH measurement system”, International pH workshop:Studies of marine CO2 system at the IOW: The role of pH, 2012. (oral presentation)

“Precision and accuracy of spectrophotometric pH measurements at environmental conditions in the Baltic Sea” Baltic Sea Science Congress, 2013. (poster)

“The effect of three different organic acids on the acid/base system of coastal waters” Baltic Sea Science Congress, 2015. (poster)

“The importance of organic alkalinity for experimental and model studies of the Baltic Sea CO2 system - Theoretical considerations and experimental approaches – Organic Alkalinity - marine environment vs. spike experiments.” CO2Symposium: Little salt and many protons: Acid-Base System Studies in the Baltic Sea, 2015. (oral presentation)

“Beitrag organischer Substanzen zum marinen Säure-Base System” Annual Meeting of the "Wasserchemische Gesellschaft", Wasser 2016. (oral presentation)

"Effect of organic compounds on the acid-base system of the Baltic Sea", Institut für Ozeanologie, Polnische Akademie der Wissenschaften und Meereschemie, Sopot, Polen 2018.(oral presentation)