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Perner, K., and Knudsen, K.-L. (2018) Two new species of Recent/Upper Holocene coccolith-agglutinated Foraminifera from the North Icelandic shelf, North Atlantic. Journal of Foraminiferal Research 48, 246-250.

Kolling, H.M., Stein, R., Fahl, K., Perner, K., Moros, M. (2018) New insights into sea ice changes over the past 2.2 kyr in Disko Bugt, West Greenland. Arktos 4: 11,

Perner, K., M. Moros, P. De Deckker, T. Blanz, L. Wacker, L., R.J. Telford, H. Siegel, R. Schneider, and E. Jansen, (2018) Heat export from the tropics drives mid to late Holocene palaeoceanographic changes offshore southern Australia. Quaternary Science Reviews 180C, 96-110.

Perner, K., M. Moros, E. Jansen, A. Kuijpers, S. Troelstra, and M. Prins (2018). Subarctic front shifts at the Reykjanes Ridge result from larger scale mid to late Holocene circulation changes in the North Atlantic. Boreas 47, 175-188, doi: 10.1111/bor.12263.


Warden, L. M. Moros, T. Neumann, S. Shennan, A. Timpson, K. Manning, M. Sollai, L. Wacker, K. Perner, K. Häusler, T. Leipe, L. Zillén, A. Kotilainen, E. Jansen, R.R. Schneider, R. Oeberst, H. Arz, J.S. Sinninghe Damsté (2017) Climate induced human demographic and cultural change in northern Europe during the mid-Holocene. Scientific Reports 7, 15251, doi:10.1038/s41598-017-14353-5.

Kolling, H.M., R. Stein, K. Fahl, K. Perner, and M. Moros (2017). Short-term variability in late Holocene sea ice cover on the East Greenland Shelf and its driving mechanisms. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 485, 336-360. doi:10.1016/j.palaeo.2017.06.024.


Perner, K., A.E., Jennings, M., Moros, and J.T, Andrews (2016). Interaction between warm Atlantic-sourced waters and the East Greenland Current in northern Denmark Strait (68°N). Journal of Quaternary Science 31: 472-483.

Andrews, J.T., R., Stein, M., Moros, and K., Perner (2016). Late Quaternary changes in sediment composition on the NE Greenland margin (~73°N) with a focus on the fjords and shelf. Boreas – 10.1111/bor.12169.

Moros, M., J.M. Lloyd, K., Perner, D. Krawczyk, T. Blanz, A. de Vernal, M.M. Ouellet-Bernier, A. Kuijpers, A.E. Jennings, A. Witkowski, R. Schneider, and E. Jansen (2016). Surface and sub-surface multi-proxy reconstruction of mid to late Holocene palaeoceanographic changes in Disko Bugt, West Greenland. Quaternary Science Reviews 132: 146-160.


Perner, K., M., Moros, J.M., Lloyd, E., Jansen, and R., Stein (2015). Mid to late Holocene strengthening of the East Greenland Current linked to warm Atlantic Water. Quaternary Science Reviews 129: 296-307.


Perner, K., M. Moros, I. Snowball, J. M. Lloyd, A. Kuijpers and T. Richter (2013b). Establishment of modern circulation pattern at c. 6000 cal a BP in Disko Bugt, central West Greenland: opening of the Vaigat Strait. Journal of Quaternary Science 28: 480-489.

Perner, K., M. Moros, A. Jennings, J.M. Lloyd, and K.L. Knudsen (2013a). Holocene palaeoceanographic evolution off West Greenland. Holocene 23: 374-387.


De Deckker, P., M. Moros, K. Perner, and E. Jansen (2012). Influence of the tropics and southern westerlies on glacial interhemispheric asymmetry. Nature Geoscience 5: 266-269.


Perner, K., M. Moros, J.M. Lloyd, A. Kuijpers, R.J. Telford, and J. Harff (2011). Centennial scale benthic foraminiferal record of late Holocene oceanographic variability in Disko Bugt, West Greenland. Quaternary Science Reviews 30: 2815-2826.

Lloyd, J.M., M. Moros, K. Perner, R.J. Telford, A. Kuijpers, E. Jansen, and D. McCarthy (2011). A 100 year record of ocean temperature control on the stability of Jakobshavn Isbrae, West Greenland. Geology 39: 867-870.


Jonkers, L., M. Moros, M. A. Prins, T. Dokken, C. A. Dahl, N. Dijkstra, K. Perner and G.-J. A. Brummer (2010). A reconstruction of sea surface warming in the northern North Atlantic during MIS 3 ice-rafting events. Quaternary Science Reviews 29: 1791-1800.

Perner, K., T. Leipe, O. Dellwig, A. Kuijpers, N. Mikkelsen, T.J. Andersen and J. Harff (2010). Contamination of arctic Fjord sediments by Pb-Zn mining at Maarmorilik in central West Greenland. Marine pollution bulletin 60: 1065-1073.


Moros, M., P. De Deckker, E. Jansen, K. Perner and R. Telford (2009). Holocene climate variability in the Southern Ocean recorded in a deep-sea sediment core off South Australia. Quaternary Science Reviews 28: 1932-1940.

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