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Teaching by Markus Reinert

Coastal Ocean Processes (teaching assistant, WiSe* 2021/2022)

More information on StudIP and on the website of the Physical Oceanography department (in German).

Introduction to Scientific Programming with Python (SoSe* 2021)

5 lectures of 1 hour each:

  1. Introduction to Python and basic data types
  2. Data and program structure
  3. NumPy and SciPy
  4. MatPlotLib
  5. Applications to Oceanography: xarray, gsw, and cartopy

Numerical Methods for Conservation Laws aka Ocean Modelling (teaching assistant, SoSe* 2021)

More information on StudIP.

*WiSe = Wintersemester (German word for "winter term", October to March)
*SoSe = Sommersemester (German word for “summer term”, April to September)