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Martin Kolbe

Martin Kolbe
Leibniz-Institut für Ostseeforschung
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Leiter IT & CTD


  • CruiseAssistant (Software) (Physical Oceanography and Instrumentation)
  • eMission (Software) (Physical Oceanography and Instrumentation)
    Image eMission (Software)

    eMission is a software for travel/expedition planing. It allows the user to manage destinations, routes & activities during an expedition. The key aspect lies in compiling a database with GPS points (destinations) which can be linked to routes. The tool supports reporting on routs, durations and shedules, as well as activities planing. 

    Department/Working group:
    Physical Oceanography and Instrumentation
    Responsible scientists and technicians:
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    • Computer
    • Software

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  • IOW Standard CTD & rosette sampling systems (Physical Oceanography and Instrumentation)
  • MasterTrans (Physical Oceanography and Instrumentation)
  • ScanFish (Physical Oceanography and Instrumentation - Instrumentation Group)
  • Software Development (Physical Oceanography and Instrumentation)

Messtechnik Team

Siegfried Krüger (Dipl.-Ing. HS)
Leiter Arbeitsgruppe Messtechnik
Martin Kolbe (Dipl.-Informatiker)
Leiter IT & CTD
Robert Mars (M.Sc.)
Leiter Automatische Messnetze (MARNET)
Jörn Kurth (Dipl.-Ing. FH)
Leiter Kalibrierlabor
Ingo Schuffenhauer (Dipl.-Ing. HS)
CTD und ozeanographisches Equipment
Johann Ruickoldt (Dipl.-Ing. FH)
Schiffskoordinator / Schiffsgebundene Systeme
Mike Sommer (Technischer Assistent)
Automatische Messnetze (MARNET)
Erik Stohr (Dipl.-Ing. HS)
Leiter FINO2MT & Drucklabor
Martin Sass (M.Sc.)
Ingenieur für Elektrotechnik & Softwareentwicklung
Ehemalige Mitarbeiter
Hartmut Huth, Jutta Dankert,Wolfgang Roeder, Klaus-Peter Wlost, Willhelm Kröger, Stefan Weinreben