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Chinese-German expedition in the South China Sea investigates impact of megacities on coastal seas

27.08.2018 14:00

research vessel Hai Yang Di Zhi
Eight IOW researchers and 44 scientists from the Chinese partner institutes of the German-Chinese joint project MEGAPOL coordinated by the IOW are on board the research vessel "Hai Yang Di Zhi". (Photo: IOW)

On September 1, 2018, a ship-based research cruise starts from Guangzhou down the Pearl River to the coastal areas of the South China Sea. As part of the joint German-Chinese project MEGAPOL (short for "Megacity's fingerprint in Chinese marginal seas: Investigation of pollutant fingerprints and dispersal"), which is coordinated by the IOW, the 30-day cruise is investigating environmental impacts caused by conurbations with up to 100 million inhabitants on adjacent sea areas. IOW researcher Joanna Waniek is co-chief scientist of the expedition.

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