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From knowledge to action: “10 Must Knows” as a guide to preserving biodiversity

The new report "10 Must-Knows from Biodiversity Research" for 2024 with IOW participation highlights how biodiversity can be effectively preserved and harnessed.

From as yet undiscovered biodiversity to resilient forests and the impact of food consumption on nature: 64 experts have now published their knowledge and recommendations in the form of “10 Must Knows from Biodiversity Science” for 2024. The Leibniz Research Network Biodiversity's new report provides policymakers and society with concrete ways to effectively conserve and sustainably use biodiversity at the local, national, and European levels and thereby also mitigate climate change. With this publication, the researchers contribute current scientific facts to the debate on the German National Biodiversity Strategy, which is to be adopted before the next United Nations Biodiversity Conference in autumn 2024.

Scientific contacts at IOW:
Must-Know #1: Prof. Dr. Klaus Jürgens
Must-Know #9: Dr. Christiane Hassenrück

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Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde
Leibniz Research Network Biodiversity

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