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How stressed are coastal seas by humans and climate? Expedition with research vessel SONNE to the South China Sea

research vessel SONNE
How stressed are coastal seas by humans and climate? The research vessel SONNE goes on a month-long hunt for traces in the South China Sea. (Photo: University of Hamburg / J. Peters)

On August 2, 2019, the German research vessel SONNE sets off from Singapore for the SO269-SOCLIS cruise to the South China Sea under the lead of IOW scientist Joanna Waniek. At more than 70 sampling stations, 24 German and 16 Chinese scientists will investigate, how natural materials and anthropogenic harmful substances are distributed in the shelf area and deeper oceanic regions, which physical processes are responsible for observed pattern, how far the pollution halo of industrial centres and large conurbations reaches into the sea, and how different climate conditions affect the relevant processes. The expedition ends on September 3 in Hong Kong.

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