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Into the heart of the blue-green algae bloom: IOW sailing expedition “BloomSail” is launched

18.05.2018 14:00

BloomSail project coordinator and skipper Jens Müller
BloomSail project coordinator and skipper Jens Müller on the sailing boat "Tina V", which has been converted into a research platform (Photo: IOW / K. Beck)

On May 19, 2018, Jens Müller from the IOW starts his four-month sailing expedition BloomSail. The aim is a precise description of cyanobacteria mass development in the central Baltic Sea by means of CO2 measurements and other parameters, which play a decisive role in the formation and further course of these so-called blue-green algae blooms. The use of an 8-metre yacht for the first time allows the observation of acute bloom events in high temporal and spatial resolution during an entire blue-green algae peak season. The blooms are to be investigated not only – as is usually the case – in surface water but also in deeper water layers.

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