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IOW starts with RV SONNE into the New Year: Expedition investigates shelf and fjord areas of Central and South America

27.12.2022 09:00

The current SONNE expedition focuses on human-induced pollutants in the sea on the one hand; on the other hand, the effects of oxygen-depleted conditions in the water column on biogeochemical cycles are investigated.
The expedition legs SO 296/1 and SO 296/2 with the research vessel SONNE take two expedition teams from the IOW to shelf and fjord areas in Central and South America. (Photo: IOW / R. Prien)

On December 27, 2022, Germany’s second largest research vessel, the “SONNE”, will set off for several months on a research cruise to the East Pacific shelf regions of Central and South America. Scientists from the IOW will be in charge of two of the three expedition legs. The first examines human-induced trace substances and pollutants in the sea; the second focuses on the impact of oxygen-depleted conditions in the water column on sea life and on biogeochemical cycles.

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