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The German sea shells – New publication presents an extensive documentation of mussels living in German sea areas (and beyond)

The animal group of marine bivalves in the German waters of the North Sea and Baltic Sea shows a remarkable diversity.
Michael Zettler (IOW) and co-author Axel Alf have filled an important gap in the renowned series "Die Tierwelt Deutschlands" with their monograph on marine mussels in German waters. (Photo: ConchBooks Harxheim)

Michael L. Zettler, senior scientist at the IOW, has been researching the occurrence and living conditions of the inhabitants of the seabed of the Baltic Sea and other seas – the so-called zoobenthos – for many years. Now he has contributed his profound expertise to a monograph on the marine bivalves of Germany, thus closing, together with co-author Axel Alf, a gap in the renowned series “Die Tierwelt Deutschlands”.

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