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SeaFloorScan: Erfassung und Darstellung von biogenen und geogenen Strukturen im und auf dem Meeresboden (SeaFloorScan)

Aim of the present study is the detection of small structures and objects on and in the sediment using ultra-high-frequent acoustical and optical techniques. The resolution should be in the nrange of centimetres or better. Additionally 3D volumes will be spatially imaged.


  • Schulze, I., D. Wilken, M. L. Zettler, M. Gogina, M. Schönke and P. Feldens (2021). Laboratory measurements to image endobenthos and bioturbation with a high-frequency 3d seismic lander. Geosciences 11: 508, doi: 10.3390/geosciences11120508