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FACTS: Erarbeitung von Vorschlägen zum Betrieb der Brennstoffzellensysteme im Unterwasser-Betrieb mit Varianten

01.09.2022 - 30.06.2023
Project coordinated by:
Forschungsverbund Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V.
Project manager (IOW):
Dr. Ralf Prien
Forschungsverbund Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V Rostock
ATI Küste GmbH
The focus of this project is a feasibility study for the development of an innovative energy supply system based on a hydrogen fuel cell technology in underwater technology down to depths of 6,000 meters. Such a system is to be used for instrumentation in the offshore industry, marine research, environmental monitoring and even in inland and coastal navigation. The aim is to operate new types of instruments with a high-power consumption reliably, even over longer periods of time, more cheaply and in a much more resource-efficient manner than is possible with the batteries used to date.