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EFFECTIVE: Enhancing social well-being and economic prosperity by reinforcing the eFFECTIVEness of protection and restoration management in Mediterranean MPAs - EFFECTIVE

01.06.2023 - 31.05.2027
Project coordinated by:
Centro Tecnológico Naval y del Mar / Marine Technology Center (CTN)
Project manager (IOW):
Dr. Miriam Thenen von
EU - Horizon Europe 2021-2027
The main objective of the EFFECTIVE project is to develop a comprehensive scientific knowledge base and practical guidance, combining science, technological nature-based solutions, digitalization and social implication for the application of the Ecosystem-Based management to the protection and restoration management of the EU’s Mediterranean Blue Natural Capital.


  • von Thenen, M., Effelsberg, N., Weber, L., Schernewski, G. (2023). Perspectives and Scenarios for Coastal Fisheries in a Social-Ecological Context: An Ecosystem Service Assessment Approach in the German Baltic Sea. Sustainability 15/22: 15732, 10.3390/su152215732