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SEAM: Zu einer verbesserten Umweltbewertung und -überwachung in der Ostsee

The overall objective of the BONUS SEAM project is to elaborate a concept and proposal for a revised monitoring system for the Baltic Sea. To achieve this objective BONUS SEAM will follow a threefold approach.  Firstly, BONUS SEAM will critically analyse the adequacy of current Baltic Sea environmental monitoring to support assessment requirements under different environmental policies, e.g. the assessment of status and trends, identify gaps and mismatches in relation to policy and science, and identify potential routes for improvement.  Secondly, BONUS SEAM will review recent innovative approaches for a more cost-effective collection of data and evaluate their potential application in an operational monitoring programme.  Building on these two steps BONUS SEAM will develop a proposal for a revised monitoring system for the Baltic Sea, which we will communicate to, and test, with key policy and technical stakeholders, including those authorities in charge of the monitoring nationally, to ensure that there is a close fit with possible implementation routes.