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Rahel Vortmeyer-Kley - Publications


Lünsmann, B., Vortmeyer-Kley, R. and Kantz, H.: An extended transfer operator approach for time-consistent coherent set analysis, (under review in Chaos), 2019.

Vortmeyer-Kley, R., Lünsmann, B., Berthold, M., Gräwe, U., and Feudel, U.: Eddies: fluid dynamical niches or transporters? - A case study in the Western Baltic Sea, (under review in frontiers in Marine Science - Oceanography), 2019.

Vortmeyer-Kley, R., Holtermann, P.L., Feudel, U., and Gräwe, U.: Comparing Eulerian and Lagrangian eddy census for a tide-less, semi-enclosed basin, the Baltic Sea, (under review in Ocean Dynamics), 2019.


Vortmeyer-Kley, R., Gräwe, U., and Feudel, U.: Detecting and tracking eddies in oceanic flow fields: a Lagrangian descriptor based on the modulus of vorticity, Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 23, 159-173, 2016.

Ziegler, A. and Vortmeyer-Kley, R.: Physik, verständlich. Europa Lehrmittel, Edition Harri Deutsch, 2016.

My Working Group: Physical Oceanography

BMBF-Verbundprojekt HyMeSiMM: Umweltmonitoring für die Delaboration von Munition im Meer