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Dr. Thomas Leipe - Publications

Selected publications from the past years:


Herlemann, D., Klier, J., Meeske, C., Leipe, T., Jürgens, K. (in press): Benthic bacterial community composition in the oligohaline-marine transition of surface sediments in the Baltic Sea" Frontiers in Microbiology.

Möller, L., Laas, P., Rogge, A., Goetz, F., Bahlo, R., Leipe, T., Labrenz, M. (submitted): Polyphosphates maintain chemotactic movement of Sulfurimonas subgroup GD17 at erratic substrate conditions in Baltic pelagic redox zones. ISMEJ.

Henkel, J.V., Pollehne, F., Dellwig, O., Herlemann, D.P.R., Konovalov, S.K., Leipe, T., Heide N. Schulz-Vogt, H.N. (submitted): A new bacterial isolate from the Black Sea oxidizes sulphide with manganese oxide.

Häusler, K., Dellwig, O., Schnetger, B., Feldens, P., Leipe, T., Moros, M., Pollehne, F., Schönke, M., Wegwerth, A., Arz, H.W. (2018): Massive Mn carbonate formation in the Landsort Deep (Baltic Sea): Hydrographic conditions, temporal succession, and Mn budget calculations. Marine Geology 395, 260-270.

Nausch, M., Woelk, J., Kahle, P., Nausch, G., Leipe, T., Lennartz, B. (2017): Phosphorus fractions in discharges from artificially drained lowland catchments (Warnow River, Baltic Sea). Agricultural Water Management 187, 77-87.

Leipe, T., Naumann, M., Tauber, F., Radtke, H., Friedland, R., Hiller, A., Arz, H.W. (2017): Regional distribution patterns of chemical parameters in surface sediments of the south-western Baltic Sea and their possible causes. Geo-Marine Letters 37(6), 593-606.

Warden, L., Moros, M., Neumann, T., Shennan, S., Timpson, A., Manning, K., Sollai, M., Wacker, L., Perner, K., Häusler, K., Leipe, T., Zillén, L., Kotilainen, A., Jansen, E., Schneider, R.R., Oeberst, R., Arz, H., Sinninghe Damsté, J.S. (2017): Climate induced human demographic and cultural change in northern Europe during the mid-Holocene. Scientific Reports; published online 10. Nov. 2017; DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-14353-5.

Häusler, K., Moros, M., Wacker, L., Hammerschmidt, L., Dellwig, O., Leipe, T., Kotilainen, A., Arz, H.W. (2017): Mid- to late Holocene environmental separation of the northern and central Baltic Sea basins in response to differential land uplift. Boreas 46, 111-128.

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Abraham, M., Westphal, L., Hand, I., Lerz, A., Jeschek, J., Bunke, D., Leipe, T., Schulz-Bull, D. (2017): TBT and its metabolites in sediments: Survey at a German coastal site and the central Baltic Sea. Marine Pollution Bulletin 121, 404-410.

Endler, M., Endler, R., Wunderlich, J., Bobertz, B., Leipe, T., Moros, M., Jensen, J.B., Arz, H.W. (2016): Geo-acoustic modelling of late and postglacial sedimentary units in the Baltic Sea and their acoustic visibility. Marine Geology 376, 86-101.

Endler, M., Endler, R., Bobertz, B., Leipe, T., Arz, H.W. (2015). Linkage between acoustic parameters and seabed sediment properties in the south-western Baltic Sea. Geo-Marine Letters 35: 145-160.

Harff, J., Leipe, T., Waniek, J.J., Zhou, D. (guest editors; 2013): Depositional environments and multiple forcing factors at the South China Sea´s northern shelf. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue 66.
Wennrich, V., Francke, A., Dehnert, A., Juschus, O., Leipe, T., Vogt, C., Brigham-Grette, J., Minyuk, P.S., Melles, M., and El’gygytgyn Science Party (2013): Modern sedimentation patterns in Lake El’gygytgyn, NE Russia, derived from surface sediment and inlet streams samples. Climate of the Past 9, 135-148.

Leipe, T., Moros, M., Kotilainen, A., Vallius, H., Kabel, K., Endler, M., Kowalski, N. (2013): Mercury in Baltic Sea sediments – natural background and anthropogenic impact. Chemie der Erde - Geochemistry 73, 249–259.

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Böttcher, M.E., Effenberger, H.S., Gehlken, P.-L., Georg H. Grathoff, G.H., Schmidt, B.C., Geprägs, P., Bahlo, R., Dellwig, O., Leipe, T., Winde, V., Deutschmann, A., Stark, A. Gallego-Torres, D., Francisca Martinez-Ruiz, F. (2012): BaMn[CO3]2 – a previously unrecognized double carbonate in low-temperature environments: Structural, spectroscopic, and textural tools for future identification. Chemie der Erde (Geochemistry) 72, 85-89.

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Virtasalo, J.J., Leipe, T., Moros, M., Kotilainen, A.T. (2011): Physicochemical and biological influences on sedimentary-fabric formation in a salinity and oxygen-restricted semi-enclosed sea: Gotland Deep, Baltic Sea. Sedimentology 58, 352-375.

Dellwig, O., Leipe, T., März, C., Glockzin, M., Pollehne, F., Schnetger, B., Yakushev, E.V., Böttcher, M.E., Brumsack, H.-J. (2010). A new particulate Mn-Fe-P-shuttle at the redoxcline of anoxic basins. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 74, 7100–7115.

Harff, J., Leipe, T., Zhou, D. (editors; 2010): Pearl River Estuary related sediments as response to Holocene climate change and anthropogenic impact (PECAI): Journal of Marine Systems Vol. 82, Supplement.