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Volker Mohrholz - Vorträge und Poster

Poster (Auswahl)

Mohrholz,V., Lass, H.U. and Prandke, H., 2006.
Application of the Structure Function approach to a PC-ADP for estimation of TKE dissipation rate in a dense bottom plume. Bangor Coastal Oceanography 2006, School of Ocean Sciences, University of Wales Bangor 10.-12.04.2006

Mohrholz, V., Heene, T., and A.J. Da Silva, 2005.
Vertical zooplankton dynamics at the shelf of the northern Benguela. SAMSS 2005 - Durban, South Africa

Mohrholz, V., 2005.
On the contribution of small inflow events to the ventilation of the subhalocline layers of the Baltic. BSSC 2005 - Sopot, Poland

Mohrholz, V. and Schuffenhauer, I., 2005.
Climatological aspects of the exceptional Baltic summer inflows 2002/2003.
BSSC 2005 - Sopot, Poland

Mohrholz, V., Schmidt, M., Lutjeharms, J.R.E and John, H.-C., 2000.
Space-time Behavior of the Angola-Benguela frontal zone during the Benguela Nino of April 1999.  Oceans from Space "Venice 2000", Venice 09.-13. Oct. 2000