Summer School Venue

The coastal summer school will take place at the Biological Station of the University of Greifswald on Hiddensee island in the village Kloster. The station was founded in 1930 and is one of the oldest ecological institutions of Germany.

Address of the station: Biologenweg 15, 18565 Kloster / Hiddensee, Germany

Student bungalows (©University Greifswald)
Seminar house (©IOW)
Guest house (©IOW)

The island of Hiddensee is located west of Germany's largest island, Rügen. Hiddensee is a very remote place, famous for a variety of valuable coastal habitats showing a great biodiversity of resting and breeding birds, plants and aquatic life. The island is part of the national park “Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft”. Formed by the ice age, Hiddensee has a very beautiful landscape between the open Baltic Sea in the west and a calm lagoon in the east. At the 18 km long island you can find dunes, sandy beaches, large wind formed mudflats, active cliffs up to 70 m high, dry highlands, shallow wet meadows and heaths. More information about the nature at Hiddensee you can find here.

More information about the island and events: (in German)

Cliffs in the north-west (©Jan Kube)

Travel information

Hiddensee island is accessible only by ferry, either from Stralsund or from the isle of Rügen (Schaprode).

Stralsund can be reached by train from Hamburg or from Berlin main station within about 3h. For details see:

When you have reached Stralsund main station by train you can walk from the train station to the harbor (about 25 min, see map). You can also take bus number 6 from the train station to the harbor (goes every 30 min) or a taxi. You can buy the ferry tickets directly at the jetty (look for “Reederei Hiddensee”, see map).

If you want to take the ferry from Schaprode there are car parking places close to Schaprode harbour.

Here you can find the Hiddensee ferry schedule or you can look at the Reederei Hiddensee Website. Since there are three harbours on Hiddensee, please be aware to take the ferry to the harbour "Hiddensee – Kloster".

From the habour "Hiddensee – Kloster" we will pick you up for the 500 m walk to the Biological Station (map).

Dune heath landscape (©Jan Kube)
Old and new Bessin in the north (©Jan Kube)