WP B-Cluster: Process Studies and Observations

To support the modelling efforts in AMBER a sound estimate of sources and sinks of nutrients is elemental. In Part B, WPs will characterize and estimate nutrient inputs from rivers and ground water and their transformations and removal in coastal seas and lagoons of environments with contrasting nitrogen loads.


WP Title and Aim Responsible PI Partners

 Estimate of N-removal in contrasting estuarine systems

Loss rates of nitrogen through denitrification and anammox in relation to the total nitrate loads of the river will be determined in systems contrasting in nutrient loads and residence times: the Oder River and Lagoon, the Nemunas River with the Curonian lagoon at the southern Baltic Kalix River in northern Sweden.

 Susanna Hietanen (UH)  UH, IOW

DOM input and transformation in Baltic Sea estuaries

Understand the fate of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in boreal/subarctic and eutrophied estuaries by means of stable isotopes (Oder, Nemunas, Kalix)

 Christoph Humborg (ITM)   ITM, IOW, UH

  Isotopic signature in nitrate for source identification

Characterization of the isotopic signature of the river nitrate in relation to the land use through the sampling of the Oder, Nemunas, and Kalix.

 Maren Voss (IOW)

  Identification and quantification of submarine groundwater discharge

Identification of sites of significant SGD and quantification of groundwater contributed to the coastal environments of the Baltic Sea leading to a hydrological mass balance.

 Michael Böttcher (IOW)  IOW, AWI, University of Greifswald, IOPAS

 Geochemical composition of groundwater seepage

Characterization of the geochemical (nutrients, DOM, trace metals) and isotopic (C, S, N) composition of groundwater contributed to the coastal environment at seepage sites.

 Michael Böttcher (IOW)  IOW, IOPAS

 Groundwater seepage impact on biota

Investigation on the impact of groundwater seepage on the existing flora and fauna on a seasonal scale and the effects of SGD on biodiversity in coastal areas of the Baltic Sea

  Jan-Marcin Weslawski (IOPAS)   IOPAS, IOW

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