Workshop on

"Coastal Ocean Modelling"

organised by the KDM Working Group on
“Coastal Ocean Modelling”
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Abstract submission until Jan 20, 2018


To increase the communication between coastal ocean modellers in German research institutions, a national workshop on coastal ocean modelling will be organised in autumn/winter 2017/2018. Such a national approach is helpful, because many of the funding opportunities (BMBF, DFG, …) are national as well and an optimised networking between researchers at German institutions leads to more targeted and better funded studies. Moreover, it would motivate the development of new advanced modelling solutions and increase the joint potential for multi-disciplinary modelling approaches. It is obvious though, that such national activities need to be embedded into an international frame.

Key questions:

  • What are the future challenges in coastal ocean modelling?
  • Do we need better coordination between model developers and model applicants on the national level?
  • Could we profit from a common repository of reference model results?
  • Would we profit from a coastal ocean model intercomparison study (CoastalMIP)?
  • Do we need to develop new models or are we happy with what we have?
  • Do we need common interfaces for model and module coupling?
  • Are the national (super)computing resources sufficient?


The meeting allows for presentations and formalised discussion time, plus lots of time for informal discussions. To minimise travel times, the meeting is organised in Hamburg during two days, noon to noon. There are three types of oral presentations: An invited international keynote talk, general introductory talks, and research presentations (oral & poster). All presentations and discussions should try to focus around the key questions listed above (and should possible ask other questions).

To finance lunch and coffee breaks a participation fee of approximately 50 Euro will be required.