BONUS MICROPOLL and microplastics in the news



Article in the 'Laborjournal' December 2019: Plastik-Knacker Mikroorganismen gegen Kunststoffmüll

Radio Interview with NDR Info, August 2019: Mikroplastik: Mehr Forschung nötig - und Recycling!

Several responses to press release about the publication on marine microbial assemblages on microplastics, August 2019: Neue Studie: Plastikmüll schmeckt Bakterien nicht; Bakterien verdauen Plastik nur im Labor

Contribution to the GIT Laborfachzeitschrift, June 2019: Identifizierung von Mikroplastik in Umweltproben : Kombination von Partikelanalyse mit FTIR- und Raman-Mikroskopie

Contribution to the magazine: Imaging & Microscopy, June 2019: Find, Classify and Identify Microparticles with Raman Imaging

Microplastic detection in german limonades WISO ZDF television production, November 2018: MP in Orange limonades

University Rostock: Lecture for Kids about microplastic reserach March 2018: Kids Universtity 2018

Participation in the Beach Clean up day, January 2018: Report in the magazine "Rostock-Heute"

Website of Federal Ministry of Education and Research: Portrait of project coordinator Sonja Oberbeckmann

TV interview for WESTPOL, WDR, February 2018: Microplastics in cosmetics

Newspaper article in Süddeutsche Zeitung, July 2017: Per Anhalter durch Meer

Wissenschaftsjahr 2016/2017, Expertenbeitrag: Meere, Mikroplastik und Mikroorganismen

ARTE Crashkurs: Was ist Mikroplastik?



'Just be fantastic and don't use plastic' leaflet and game.



Newspaper article in Vacaru ekspresas, March 2019: A. Balčiūnas: plastiką ne tik perkame, bet ir valgome

Newspaper article in Vacaru ekspresas, July 2018: Baltijos jūrą dusiname plastiku

Klaipėda University website, April 2018: Microplastic research on the Baltic Sea coast

Klaipėda University website: KU scientists will perform international Baltic Sea research

Regional newspapers, June 2017: Scientists will explore the Baltic Sea and KU scientists perform international Baltic Sea research

National newspaper, June 2017: KU scientists perform international Baltic Sea research

Website Research Council of Lithuania, June 2017: KU scientists consistently participate in international Baltic Sea research projects



Stockholm University: Interview with Zandra Gerdes, February 2019: Microplastics: friends or foes of contaminant transport?

Partners from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute present project at large national microplastic workshop


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