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Sediment transport

Sediment transport is one of the most critical issues in eco-environmental systems either in fluvial and estuarine environment or in coastal systems. It is not uncommon that the different sediment particles, from mud to gravel, are existing in one coastal system, in which these wide range of sediments could also interact with each other. Our study focused on the sediment dynamics across the estuaries and coasts based on process-based numerical modelling where their interactions between coastal and estuarine dynamics are included, associated with the impacts from wave shoaling and propagation and sea level dynamics. By including Suspended Particle Matter (SPM) and bedload sediment transport, the resulted accreted/eroded changes of morphodynamic characteristics, such as barriers, inlets, flood and ebb deltas, are studied in context of the estuarine and coastal systems in both long-term and shot-term time scales, with the help of statistic analysis.

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