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Journal articles (peer-review)

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Book chapters

  1. Klingbeil, K., E. Deleersnijder, O. Fringer, L. Umlauf (2022) Basic Equations of Marine Flows. In: Schuttelaars, H.M., A. Heemink, E. Deleersnijder (eds) The Mathematics of Marine Modelling. Mathematics of Planet Earth, vol 9. Springer. 10.1007/978-3-031-09559-7_1.
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Invited talks

  1. Linking small-scale salinity mixing and large-scale estuarine circulation. EGU General Assembly Open session on coastal and shelf seas, Vienna (AUT), Apr 2024
  1. Spurious mixing in the Baltic Sea -- Numerical techniques and diagnostics in the coastal ocean model GETM. CROCO Users' Meeting, Marseille (FRA), Sep 2023
  1. Adaptive vertical coordinates in GETM. NEMO Kernel Working Group Meeting - subgroup on more generic vertical coordinates in NEMO, online, Jan 2021
  1. The ubiquity of numerical mixing in ocean models. Gordon Research Conference on Coastal Ocean Dynamics, Manchester (NH/USA), Jun 2019
  1. The problem of numerically-induced mixing. IMUM International workshop on Multi-scale (Un)-structured mesh numerical Modeling for coastal, shelf, and global ocean dynamics, Hamburg (GER), Sep 2018
  1. The problem of numerical mixing and its mitigation through adaptive vertical meshes. NSF Workshop on the future of coastal and estuarine modeling, Raleigh (NC/USA), Jun 2018
  1. The General Estuarine Transport Model -- Recent Developments. Danish Defence Centre for Operational Oceanography (FCOO), Copenhagen (DK), Apr 2017
  1. Turning GOTM into a lake model. Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Department of Lake Research, Magdeburg (GER), Jan 2016
  1. Quantification of spurious mixing and dissipation and the effect of vertically adaptive meshes. MFO Workshop on Recent Developments in the Numerics of Nonlinear Hyperbolic Conservation Laws, Oberwolfach (GER), Sep 2015
  1. Quantification of spurious dissipation and mixing - Discrete Variance Decay in a Finite-Volume framework. HydroSeminar, University of Bergen (NOR), Sep 2014

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