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The Amazon and the sea: Expedition investigates matter fluxes and food webs in the world’s largest river plume

RV Meteor
Today, a seven-week expedition of the research vessel METEOR set out to investigate matter fluxes and food webs in the Amazon river plume. (Photo: IOW / R. Prien)

As the world’s largest river, the Amazon contributes about one-fifth of the global freshwater input to the ocean, and its river plume, which extends thousands of kilometres into the tropical North Atlantic, influences diverse ecosystems there. To better understand the fate of this gigantic river plume from its mouth to open ocean expanses and its influence on plankton food webs, the research vessel METEOR is embarking on a seven-week expedition from the Spanish island Las Palmas on April 12. The international research team led by the IOW will focus in particular on the matter fluxes of the important element nitrogen.

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