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Projekt: GENeric European Sustainable Information Space for Environment

Acronym: GENESIS
Title: GENeric European Sustainable Information Space for Environment
Duration: 01.09.2008 - 31.08.2011
Project manager: Prof. Dr. habil. Gerald Schernewski
Funding: EU
Focus: Transfer of knowledge: Coastal seas and society
Department: Biological Oceanography

The GENESIS project has the objective of providing Environment management and Health actors with an efficient solution based on advanced ICT to constitute collaborative information networks integrating existing systems in Europe. Relying on standards (W3C, CEN, ISO, OGC, OASIS) developed in strong synergy with the major European or global harmonization initiatives (GEOSS, INSPIRE,SEIS), the proposed solution is based on a thematic-neutral and open information system set up framework made of Web services, portal components and toolkits. This framework can be easily customized for various thematic fields and deployed in many contexts (Regional, European).

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