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ECOLOC: WTZ China - ECOLOC; Auswirkungen von Umweltveränderungen auf Küstenökosysteme im tropischen China; Teilprojekt 5: Diversität und Konzentration von verschiedenen Vibrio-Arten und ihrer Bakteriophagen

We investigate the distibution of potential pathogenic Vibrio within and outside of aquaculture systems as an example for the influence of such systems on subtropical coastal ecosystems. By including also lytic bacteriophages of these Vibrios we will estimate the native potential for surpression these Vibrio and by this show up an alternative to the application of antibiotics. Their use might propagate the spreading of antibiotic resistance within these Vibrio and become a risk factor for tourism. The potential effects of seagrass belts as natural sewage treatment plants will be investigated.


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