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Dia-Dino-Index: Development of a diatom/dinoflagellate-index as MSFD-indicator

16.09.2015 - 15.05.2016
Project manager:
Dr. Norbert Wasmund
BfN - Bundesamt für Naturschutz

The development of indicators for a good environmental state (GES) in the frame of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) is a socio-political task that has to be solved by the scientists involved in the environmental monitoring. The diatom/dinoflagellate index (Dia/Dino index) is one of the few suggested phytoplankton indicators that have to be tested for their suitability according to the recommendation of the BLANO. A larger data basis is necessary in this test phase. Additional phytoplankton data have to be sampled and together with other data sources to be used. The indicator has to be embedded into the entire system (GES borders, international coordination, assignment to descriptors).The hypothesis has to be checked if the Dia/Dino index is an indicator for the quality of the food web. 


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