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SOCLIS: SO269 - SOCLIS-SONNE: South China Sea-natural laboratory under climatic and anthropogenic stress.

SOCLIS and therefore the cruise aims to study the marine environmental conditions in an area spanning from the northern shelf of the South China Sea towards the deep sea, to enhance our understanding of the effects of growing anthropogenic pressure in a highly dynamic marine ecosystem governed by
natural variability ranging on space scales from small to mesoscale and time from daily to decadal. Our study area is an excellent example of a subtropical adjacent sea and a natural laboratory to study the exchange processes between the land and the ocean (Pearl River), the variability of physical forcing (monsoon, circulation), the drastically increasing anthropogenic stress (nutrients/eutrophication, organic contaminants, microplastic, antibiotics) following the development of a Megacity within the area Guangzhou-Hong Kong. We are aiming of improving our understanding of the complex interactions between land, the coastal ocean and Open Ocean and their resulting alterations due to effects of climate variability and anthropogenic stressors in a highly sensitive ecosystem. Our results will help to quantify the marine N, P, C cycles, allow the quantification and distribution of anthropogenic contamination as well as the degree of time-space variability of natural oceanic processes. SOCLIS is the thrid cruise within the MEGAPOL consortium.