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SMIS: Subsea Monitoring via Itelligent Swarms Vorhaben Seeerprob-ungen u. wissenschaftliche Anwendungen

The joint projeckt Subsea Monitoring via Intelligent Swarms is aiming on developing a fleet of vehicles for efficient and intelligent monitoring of big areals of the marine environment. The underwater vehicles will be able to cope with depths up to 6000 m. The trials in the Baltic Sea and the first deployments of the vehicles will take place in the Northeast atlantic in the vicinity of the Kiel276 mooring, within the Madeira Basin with depth up to 5300 m. Kiel276 (33°N, 22°W), in the eastern part of the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre Provinz, is strongly influence by the Azores Front, however despite 30 years of measurements in the region, 3 dimensional information about the front is stil missing. The fleet will help to close the gap and provide temporally insight about the influence of the front on the thermocline dynamics in this part of the Atlantic Ocean. The joint BMWi project runs from 01.01.2013 until 30.06.2016 (TP IOW 03SX348F).


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