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ECAS-BALTIC: Küstenmeerforschung: ECAS-BALTIC -Ecosystem-supporting Coastal Adaptation Strategies for the German Baltic Sea Coast; Vorhaben: Modelluntersuchungen zur Variabilität und Veränderungen von Sturmfluten in der we

The overall objective of ECAS-BALTIC is to develop strategies for ecosystem-compatible coastal protection
and ecosystem-promoting coastal adaptation, using the example of the German Baltic Sea coast, which
protect people and ecosystems from MSA, complement existing coastal protection programmes and take
into account current and future hydrodynamic, morphodynamic and socio-economic conditions and their
social acceptance. Under ÖKA measures we subsume what is discussed in the literature as ecosystem-
based coastal protection, e.g. the creation of coastal marshland and seagrass meadows, nature-based
solutions such as beach nourishment and dune reinforcement, ecologically more favourable hard coastal
protection infrastructures, as well as retreat from the coast or dyke relocation. The respective
implementation dates and frequency of these measures, taking into account the uncertainties of the MSA,
are investigated in ECAS-Baltic combined. The joint study aims to achieve the safety of the coastal
population and the integrity of the ecosystems in the context of the MSA and a limited budget.


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