The workshop takes place at the lecture hall of the historical main building of the University of Rostock.
The building is situated in the city centre of Rostock.
Universitätsplatz 1files/conference/wtd2011/WTD2021/Hauptgebaeude_Foto.jpg
18055 Rostock
google maps: 54°05'17.4"N 12°08'00.4"E
Website of the University of Rostock
Virtual tour through the historical main building




We reserved a number of single rooms at the B&B Hotel Rostock-Hafen, Gaffelschonerweg 1, 18059 Rostock, Germany.
The price for one night is 59,00 Euro. Breakfast costs another 10,50 Euro/person/night.
The offer is valid until Thursday, 31st August, 2023.
If you would like to book your stay there, please send an
e-mail to: with the subject "WTD 17.09.2023-20.09.2023"
and the following information:
  • full name
  • address
  • time period
  • breakfast?
  • phone number/email
  • company/institute address


The hotel is in walking distance to the University main building (20 minutes).

Also public transport is directly and regularly available.

Please use TRAM 1 (direction Rügener Straße/Lütten Klein) or TRAM 3 (direction Platz der Jugend) from the "Stadthafen" (in front of the hotel) to the "Lange Straße" (4 stops). The price is 2 Euro for "Kurzstrecke" (short trip).

Please also check the public transport website: