Cruisereports 2020

application/pdf Cruisereport EMB238 (3.5 MiB)


From 26.05 to 09.06.2020 an expediton wiht research vessel "Elisabeth Mann Borgese" to Fehmarnbelt - a marine protected area in the Baltic Sea - was conducted. The goal was to create a first comprehensive dataset on the state of sediments and biocoenoses in Fehmarnbelt. The data will be used as a baseline for comparisons with future investigations in Fehmarnbelt and other protected areas in the Baltic sea after the exclusion of mobile bottom fishing in the marine protected areas. Furthermore, samples were taken for comparisons outside the protected area. For sampling, multicorer was used for pore water, meiofauna and protists and Van Veen grabs and dredge for macrofauna. Also, the seabed was mapped using geoacoustic methods. By use of lander systems, in situ fluxes and biogeochemical turnover at the seafloor were measured.

Research Vessel Elisabeth Mann Borgese. © Submaris