At their last meeting the scientific committee further specified objectives and concept of the symposium and subsequent activities.

This initiative is based on the recognition that pressure on coastal zones is growing due to conflicts of use (e.g. coastal protection, use/production of biological resources, marine transportation and urbanisation). Scientific data and studies in different disciplines may provide sound and objective information for decision support to balance sustainable use and stakeholders’ interests.

The aim of this symposium is to gather scientists from natural and social sciences, economy and law as well as stakeholders in the field in order to share and discuss approaches and to identify actors for joint research in the future to tackle the scientific challenge for sustainable use and management of coastal zones in Europe. At the symposium we will discuss and identify suitable study areas that might be exemplary for specific conflicts of use and already have a good scientific data basis and a scientific background. In the long-term, a network shall develop a collaborative project based on the suggested  overarching activities as

  • coupled modelling
  • evaluation of ecosystem services and good environmental status
  • data visualisation and
  • analysis of maritime economies

The overall objective is to provide a scientifically based tool box or support system for planning and decision making.

Besides of poster presentations and talks on potential key areas and research topics, the symposium will encourage discussions in breakout groups and plenary sessions.