Session 2 (6th October 2015): The human dimension of integrated approaches of coastal management

This session focuses on the human dimension of coastal seas research and management of coastal zones. Ideally these will also build on long-term studies and areas with a sound understanding of social-ecological systems.

These may cover the following topics: ecosystem services, ecosystem based management and marine spatial planning (incl. marine protected areas), use of biological marine ressources, land use and its changes in coastal zones (incl. flood protection), multi-layer stakeholder participation, societal pressures etc.

Venue: Leibniz Hall

Please note: this is the final programme, however changes might occur due to unforeseen events/practicalities





8.50 h

Welcome Address

LeTissier, M.

Future Earth Coasts (formerly LOICZ) Executive Officer

9.00 h

The estuarine management approach in Scheldt- and Ems-estuary, two cases of Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Taal, M.D.

Deltares, The Netherlands

9.15 h

Conflicts of use in the Strait of Sicily illustrate difficulties and opportunities of Marine Spatial Planning in the Mediterranean

Vega Fernández T., Musco L., Pipitone C., D'Anna G., Badalamenti F.

National Research Council - Institute of Coastal Marine Ecology, Italy

9.30 h

Usage conflicts in coastal areas of the Northern Iberian Peninsula; human activities and environmental health surveillance in the Southern Bay of Biscay and the Galician Rías

Villanueva, A., Beiras, R., Troncoso, J., Marigómez, I., Soto, M., Cancio, I

Toralla Marine Science Station & ECIMAT University of Vigo, Spain


9.45 h

Projecting impacts, reducing risk: Long-term coastal management under multiple drivers of change

Brown, S., Nicholls, R.J.

University of Southampton, UK

10.00 h

Implementation of an Adaptation Strategy for Coastal Protection by Applying Results of Research Projects

Berkenbrink, C., Knaack, H., Weisse, R., Wessels, A., Wurpts, A., Niemeyer, H.D.

Coastal Research Station of Lower Saxony Water Management, Coastal Defence and Nature Conservation Agency, Germany

10.15 h

The cross-border region of Pomerania – a key territory where the socio-economic convergence processes drive coastal zone transformation in the Baltic Sea area

Dutkowski, M., Balanicka E., Czapliński P., Dendewicz S., Szydarowski W., Zaucha J.


University of Szczecin, Poland


10.30 h

Coffee break


11.00 h

On human relations to coastal waters

Stenseke, M.

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

11.15 h

Adressing integration challenges in maritime spatial planning (MSP): understanding approaches and tools in the BaltSpace project

Kannen, A.

Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Institute of Coastal Research, Germany

11.30 h

Integrated coastal and marine planning as a tool for science based conflict resolution

Janssen, H.

Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sear Research Warnemünde, Germany

11.45 h

Working with nature: soft coastal protection in Aotearoa New Zealand 

Gesing, F.

ZenTraClim / artec Sustainability Research Center Bremen NatureCultures Lab, Germany 

12.00 h




13.00 h

Poster session


14.00 h

Parallel sessions:


Breakout group IIII "Data visualisation"

Convenor: Holger Janssen, Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemuende

Keynote: Belén Martín Míguez, European Marine Data and Observation Network (EMODnet)


Breakout group IV "Marine Sciences & Society in the 21st Century"

Convenor: Michi Knecht, University of Bremen

Keynote: Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT)

15.30 h

Coffee break



16:00 h

JPI Oceans -

Science Support To Coastal and Maritime Planning and Management

 Pierpaolo Campostrini

JPI Oceans Executive Committee member

CORILA - Consortium for Managing Scientific Research on Venice Lagoon System

16.30 h

Plenary discussion



17.00 h

End of Session 2




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